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2024-2025 Westside Christian School Tuition

Full-Time Student Tuition Rate K-6: $5,600.00

Part-Time Kindergarten Tuition Rates:  

  • Kindergarten students enrolled ½ days M,W,F and full days T,TH  through Christmas Break and full-time for remainder of school year will be given a 15% discount from full-time tuition - $4,800.00
  • Kindergarten students enrolled ½ days M-F through Christmas and then full-time for remainder of school year will be given a 20% discount from full-time tuition - $4,500.00

New Student Tuition Discount: $250.00

Each new student is given a one-time discount of $250.00 upon initial enrollment to Westside.  

Sibling Discounts: $750.00

If more than one student per family is enrolled at Westside, a $750.00 discount will be given for each additional student enrolled from the same family.  

Referral Vouchers: $1,000.00

Families who refer new families may earn a $1,000.00 Voucher to be given at the end of the school year– if the referred family remains enrolled at Westside for the entire school year.  Vouchers will be applied to the coming school year and given out at the Award Ceremony on the last day of school.  

Tuition Discount Pay it Forward Program:  

Any referral discount, sibling discount, or voucher may be donated to another student or designated to be given toward the Compassionate Tuition Assistance Program.


Families who seek scholarships apply to TADS for scholarships through South Dakota Partners in Education (SDPE).  SDPE provides scholarship from $1,000 – $2,600 for those families that qualify.  Westside Christian also has a needs-based Compassionate Tuition Scholarship Program that is available with community support for individual students and if eligible through SDPE.

SDPE Scholarship Link: