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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy Of Education

  1. All truth is of God.  This is the unifying principle of Christian education. Truth is what it is because God is who He is. We believe the Bible to be the inspired infallible word of God, and therefore its claims concerning the creation of the world and everything in it are true. God only declares things that are right.  All of creation reveals something about the Creator, always pointing back to the reality of its source. Likewise, do we who provide Christian education.
  2. Christian education provides a focus on the truths of God as they relate to all subject areas. Students gain a better understanding of who God is and
    His involvement in the things we see and use in the world. That is to say all
    subject areas are significant and purposeful within the plan of God for His
  3. A Christian school is not a modified public school. A Christian school is not a modified public school. In Christian education all schooling, at every grade level and in every subject will focus on instilling a relationship with God and an understanding of the world that He created and the values through which to see, evaluate, and act in response to that knowledge.
  4. God and His Word are the ultimate education authority. We pursue outstanding and rigorous educational standards for our students. While accreditation by the State of South Dakota is helpful, government mandates, laws, policies, or philosophies are subordinate to the Word of God.
  5. The primary responsibility for the upbringing of children rests with parents. Christian school’s role is to partner with parents in providing a stellar education, to authentically model godliness and love toward one another, and to provide a Biblical foundation.
  6. The purpose of our Christian education is to disciple and equip children for Christian service and leadership in today’s world. Several types of Christian schools have been operated successfully— evangelistic schools where the primary focus is to reach lost children, reform schools where the main goal is to help troubled children turn around, and isolationist schools where the purpose is to remove children from the world. The purpose of our program is to prepare students to go into the world through discipleship.
  7. We embrace the idea that academic excellence is an important aspect of fulfilling God’s purposes for our children. A strong education coupled with humble servant leadership skills are a means of great gain for the Kingdom of God.
  8. Christian education equips children for life in this world and fosters hope of eternity.  Since each of our students will live on somewhere in eternity, ultimately we pray for, encourage, and seek to prepare our students for an eternity with God.