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Why Westside?

Mission Statement:


To foster lifelong learners

who live passionately for Christ

and compassionately for one another.

Fostering Life-Long Learners
Our desire is to help students learn that God made each of them uniquely smart. We promote the importance of developing a growth-mindset to take on learning challenges, rather than avoid them. Parents are actively involved in their child’s education by developing a positive environment at home for daily reading, math, and Bible memory. Academic success is greatly increased when parents are engaged in their child’s learning and can create a love of learning at home.

Loving Christ Passionately
Our hope and prayer is that each student would deeply experience the love of God in our school, our homes and our community and because of that love, continually seek a meaningful lifetime relationship with Christ. We desire to be a community of passionate Christ followers that train up passionate Christ followers.

Living Compassionately for One Another
At Westside, we intentionally plan neighbor-loving days into our school calendar.  Parents, grandparents, friends, staff, and students gather to serve our community together.  We believe that if we model loving others, the likelihood that our students will become authentic agents for change in our community will happen.