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Optional Extended Day

Optional Extended Day


Each day of the week, Westside Christian School offers a unique opportunity for furthering the learning experience after the regular school day is over. Our focus on developing the whole child is evidenced by what opportunities we offer after the official school day is over.

After each full school day, an optional extended school day is offered with a different focus each school day. Families that would like to participate may register as a drop-in, part-time, or full-time participant.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Developing a Love for Learning through Healthy Learning Habits

Tuesday/Thursday: Discover More about God and others through Creativity

The extended school days are only available to students enrolled at Westside Christian School.  

Tuition Costs for Extended School Day:  

Full-Time Student attending 3 days or more: $50/week

  • 2 student family discount $20/week & 3 student discount $50/week

Part-Time Student attending 2 days or less: $40/week

  • 2 student discount $10/week & 3 student family discount $30/week

Drop-In Student: $25 per drop-in per student

Payment Plans will be set up to be withdrawn the week following.