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Education Standards

Education Standards


Understanding Education Standards


What are educational standards?

Educational standards are concise, written descriptions of what students are expected to know and be able to do at specific stages of their education. Educational standards describe educational objectives (what students should learn by the end of a course or grade level), but they are not curriculum, delivery method, or assessment method.

Are educational standards different from goals and objectives?

Educational standards and goals and objectives are essentially the same.  Goals give broad expectation for students and objectives are specific statements of what students should know and be able to do.


Goal 1: The learner will understand numbers and ways to represent numbers.

Objective:  Model and count objects in a set and rote count:

  • Forward to 100.
  • Backward from 10.

Does Westside Christian have educational standards?

Yes.  First as foremost as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, and coming from a biblical world view, we have autonomy to establish independent standards.  Westside Christian has determined that we value aligning our students to the standards of the State of South Dakota so long as those standards align with and do not contradict a Biblical view.  The State of South Dakota educational standards K-5 have been reviewed by our board and administration to ensure that the standards do not conflict with any aspect of Biblical teaching.  It has also been determined that by adopting these standards together with a Biblical world view in regard to all that is taught, our students will be provided a consistent high quality education and be preparation for other learning institutions .

What are the educational standards for Westside Christian?

Westside Christian School strives to have excellent standards and expectations for all students to know, understand, and be able to do.  We follow the standards for the State of South Dakota and seek to set our expectations to the highest degree for student mastery.

Where can I check out all of the standards for South Dakota?

Go to

Are educational standards the same as curriculum?

No.  Curricula are the tools/resources we use to teach standards.  No one curriculum can be used to teach all of the standards that are expected for each grade level and content area.  At Westside we carefully select our tools and resources for instruction from a broad variety of resources and present everything we teach from a Biblical world view.  Every resource is carefully analyzed to determine whether or not it aligns with the truth.